List of 19 Best Business magazines in India [2020 Updated]


The business magazines in India discuss the business, the strategy, the branding, the marketing, and the inside stories of the business corridors.

The resourceful articles on current business developments with technological progress, vital economic changes, and their impacts on the business world would be extremely helpful for India’s business people.

The availability of insightful, thought-provoking articles made those magazines popular amongst India’s young and experienced minds.

The purpose of the magazines circulating the inside stories of business houses, vital decisions of the business leaders that leverage the economic scenario, various govt policies, and the implementations exhibits its true purpose.

Let’s check out the exemplary contribution of the business magazine in India for the business’s growth, corporate branding, and personal grooming.

Here’s the list of top 15+ Business Magazines in India.

1. Business India Magazine

business-india magazine

The first business magazine in India regarding business and economy covering the business world’s horizon. Published by Business India Publication Ltd. renowned and popular in all facets of business, be it startups or an established house. 

First published in 1978, in February

Cost per copy 100 INR

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Availability: The format of the magazine content available in both print, e-print, and book format. Readers can select the format as per their convenient

2. Business Today Magazine

business today

Published by Living Media India Ltd Business Today is strongly recommended for its genuine and authentic product details. Readers are looking for an unbiased review of newly launch products in the market.

The magazine already set a legacy. Economic changes, business development, and discussion on the new business policy have been covering in detail. 

First published in 1992

Cost per copy 100 INR

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Availability: Availability of the Business Today consists of both category, print media and digital format to ensure a reader-friendly experience.

3. Outlook Business Magazine

outlook business magazine

The copyright and publication act owned by Rajan Raheja group Outlook Business can be your financial guide book. 

The magazine widely covered every monitory aspect like an investment, borrowing, lending, and stock market analysis.

This Consists of monetary reports, readers can get insightful and informative articles on these issues.

First published in 1995

Cost per copy 249 INR

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Availability: The yearly subscription and gift offered for every reader who is opting out yearly subscription scheme, the magazine available in both media.

4. Forbes India Magazine

forbes india magazine

The Forbes India is the Indian version of American business magazine Forbes.

The magazine widely accolades for covering all the aspects of business development and technological attribution around the globe and India.

Renowned for covering articles on entrepreneurs and successful business people worldwide, inspiring youth to join the business.

Forbes India managing by Reliance Industries, owned by media clustered Network 18.

First published in 2008

Cost per copy 250 INR

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Availability: The magazine is available in both media, print, and digital.

5. Entrepreneurs India Magazine

Entrepreneurs India Magazine

A well-known business magazine for entrepreneurs who are constantly thriving to make their journey smooth. Favorite magazine amongst small scale industrialists to even large scale risk taker also.

It’s a collaborative venture between Entrepreneur Media, USA’s entrepreneur business magazine, and Franchise India, an Indian company assisting franchise solution to the startups.

First published in 2015

Cost per copy 150 INR

Publication frequency: Monthly

Availability: The availability of the magazine in both ways, digital and print media

6. BW Business World Magazine

BW business world magazine

The BW magazine is well renowned for its detailed coverage of the business world. Published by the ABP group, it is popular among young brains to stay updated with the latest trends and business development in India.

The magazine covers the Indian retail business, aviation industry, economic changes, and various marketing aspects.

First published in 1981

Cost per copy 100 INR

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Availability: The availability of the magazine cover two ways, digital and print one

7. Fortune India Magazine

Fortune India Magazine

Internationally renowned magazine Fortune India famous for its corporate coverage of business achievements.

Based on the performance and the contribution in the business world Fortune India published a ‘Fortune 500’ list of companies globally every year.

Fortune India celebrate the accomplishment and encourage business people to contribute their best part.

Jointly venture between ABP Publication group and Times Inc., the magazine is a favorite for all ages business leaders and entrepreneurs.

First published in 2010

Cost per copy 200 INR

Publication frequency: Monthly

Availability: The availability of the magazine is two ways, digital, and print.

8. The Franchising World Magazine

Franchising World Magazine

Franchising world magazine is quite popular among startups and small scale business owners. It covers all the necessary tools and important information regarding how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Encourage the young brains its value-added worth is to deal with the franchise solution nationwide.

Published by The Franchise India, it’s a guidebook of franchise business models among startups.

First published in 1999

Cost per copy: Yearly subscription available( 800 INR/year)

Publication frequency: Quarterly

Availability: The availability is two ways here, digital and print media.

9. Inc India Magazine

Inc India is the Indian version of the U.S ‘s esteemed magazine Inc. The magazine mainly cover the major economic changes and the business development in India and around the world.

The articles published in this magazine discussing comparative progress and acceleration present economic condition.

Published by 9.9 Media, the magazine is well-accepted among the CEOs and VVIPs in the business world.

First published in 2009

Cost per copy 223.64 INR

Publication frequency: Monthly

Availability: The availability of the magazine consists of both ways, digital and print media.

10. Images Retail Magazine

Images Retail magazine is well-read amongst the retail business owners.

The in-depth discussion on real estate, logistics, supply chain, consumer management readers can get throughout the reading experience. They are covering the retail business in India, encouraging young people to get into this sector.

Published by Images Group, the magazine is well-known among retail entrepreneurs to provide insights into the industry.

First published in 2003

Cost per copy: Yearly subscription available( 1,020 INR/year)

Publication frequency: Monthly

Availability: you can get in both ways, digital and print media to experience an insightful reading.

11. ISB Insight Magazine

ISBInsight is a periodic journal for management personnel. The magazine covers deep-dyed market research on current trends that influence the decision-makers of the relevant industry.

It focuses on the branding and marketing strategies of the industry so that companies get beneficial.

Published by the Indian School of Business, the magazine is quite popular among management executives.

First published in 2003

Cost per copy 250 INR

Publication frequency: Biannually

Availability: The availability of the magazine consists of both ways, print media, and digital media.

12. Banking Frontiers Magazine

Banking Frontiers Magazine

Banking Frontiers is the first choice of bankers, money management, and insurance companies’ leaders. It shares detailed information regarding financial dealings, third party sales, monetary transactions of the banking sectors, and India’s major financial leads.

They share the views of the current economic scenario along with technological advancement with its readers to provide insights.

Published by Glocal Infomart Pvt. Ltd., the magazine covers all kinds of banking latest news and information.

First published in 2002

Cost per copy: subscription available for 2 years( 1,200 INR/2years)

Publication frequency: Monthly

Availability: you can enjoy both ways of reading, digital, and print media.

13. India Business Journal

india business journal

An illustrious business magazine widely covers issues like entrepreneurship, business policymaking, and implementation, etc.

Published by Issues Analysis and Research Pvt. Ltd., the magazine shares insights into business development and industry analysis.

Well-researched articles helpful for business professionals to stay focus on the changes and the consequences.

First published in 2005

Cost per copy: 3 years subscription available( 1,710 INR/3 years avail 5% discount)

Publication frequency: Monthly

Availability: For a better reading experience, it’s available in both media.

14. The Economist Magazine

It’s not a magazine but an international newspaper available in magazine format. The newspaper turned into a magazine covering the world’s economy, finance, technological development, business achievement, etc.

Readers can have far-sighted information on international business and economic corridors.

Published by The Economist Group, the magazine acknowledged worldwide by the executive forums of the business world.

First published in 1843

Cost per copy: 15,799 INR for 51 issues

Publication frequency: Every two weeks

Availability: Readers can get both version, print media and digital.

15. Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

bloomberg business magazine

Equipped with global business and finance news, outstanding business journalism, and world economy readers are from globally find an effective magazine.

The business leaders, management heads, entrepreneurs have found insights into world business and published by New york-City based Bloomberg LP, circulated in India.

First published in 1929

Cost of per copy: Subscription available for one year 5,500 INR

Publication frequency: weekly

Availability: Readers can have access to both media, print, and digital.

16. The CEO Magazine

Exclusively for business executives, The Ceo magazine is known for the board room members’ magazine.

Published by Indiamanthan Publication and Media Pvt. Ltd., a popular guide and inspiration among the rising stars in the executive profession, entrepreneur, IT professionals, etc.

First published in 2015

Cost per copy 399 INR

Publication frequency: Monthly

17. Business Connect

business collect

Connecting business people in and around India Business Connect magazine is working as a bridge.

The stories cover here is inspiring the youths to take the risk, do business, flourish in marketing, and be updated with relevant business ideas, thoughts, and execution.

A promising business magazine that is working to provide all the professional queries, latest news, etc.

First published in 2018 (Magazines available from)

Cost per copy: Free (Digital version)

Publication frequency: Yearly

Availability: PDF version available

18. Business Barons of India

Discussing the leadership, innovation, and visionaries, Business Barons of India magazine maintain its classic approach towards the business leaders.

Vigor Media Worldwide takes the initiative of its publication.

The magazine covers the stories of successful entrepreneurs, the business opportunities in India, and how the youths are taking advantage.

First published in: NA

Cost: Monthly Subscription (399 INR/ month)

Publication frequency: Yearly

Availability: Digital

Business Barons of India

19. Capital Market

Covering the largest stock market and bond market, Capital Market magazine is India’s most trusted magazine regarding investment. Primarily the magazine publishes news on equity shares and the price, various companies’ bonds, dividend share, etc., to give insights about the investment market.

Govt policy, including SEBI’s market policy, also includes in its content list.

First published in 1986

Cost: Yearly subscription 1950 INR/year

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Availability: Readers can have both ways of the reading experience, digital and print media.

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Final Words

Business magazines have been providing achievement stories of entrepreneurs, discuss effective business models, and interview business tycoons to share their journey to success.

The purpose of these magazines is to allow professionals to think out of the box to script their story and make their journey filled with experience, knowledge, and implementation into their endeavor.

That’s all to share with you.

Please let us and our readers know your favourite magazine of India (Comment below).

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